Our purpose is to promote health and constructive development through a detailed and defined curriculum. We are confident that our curriculum is designed to strengthen and develop the knowledge base required to function and advance successfully as a responsible citizen.


•Community Organizing & Advocacy

•Conflict Resolution

•Employment Success Training

•Fatherhood Education

•Gang Violence Prevention

•Life & Social Skills Development

• Rites of Passage


• Strengthen knowledge of self in the eight basic principle areas.
• Learn to overcome the past by developing coping skills necessary to improve their quality of life.
• Explore criminal thinking and assess how it influences behaviors.
• Understand how actions affect family and community.
• Develop new methods to build positive family relationships.
• Apply new way of thinking to real life situations.
• Evaluate the whys behind destructive behavior.
• Analyze and effectively articulate thoughts, feelings, and actions in a group setting.

The Team

Darren Byrd
Tony Ruby
Marlon Shackelford
Sean Walton


• Brothers & Sisters Involvement
• Ready 4 Work
• VMBC Initiatives


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